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Lead Ability Group can provide advice and consultation in many aspects of business, management, finance, commercial and industrial consultancy.

This includes and not limited to:

  1. The spectrum of business development and management consulting services: Corporate Strategic planning, Due Diligence Study, Organizational Development, Business Diagnostic Review on (Finance, tax, and organizational structure), Strategic and Operational Planning, Financial Analysis, Feasibility Studies, Process Improvement, Forecasting, Supply chain and Project Management.
  2. Banking & Finance
  3. The spectrum of industrial consulting services: Quality and process improvement, Feasibility Studies, Market and Marketing Research, Supply Chain, Operations Management, Strategic and operational Planning and Technical Studies.
  4. Professional Development.
  5. Research –Monitoring & Evaluation, Audit and Research.
  6. Translation Services.
  7. Outsourcing in Human Recourse & Organization Development.
  8. Project Management.
  9. Risk Assessment consulting services.
  10. Environmental Risk Assessment and Risk Reduction.
  11. Environmental Impact Assessment.
  12. Security Consulting services.
  13. Web Designing, Database Development.

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