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Lead Ability Group is an Integrated Business Solutions provider.
Currently we have three core business service segments, Logistics, Consulting, E-Commerce.
We are targeting to provide our business services for wide ranges of business areas and sectors such as Business Sector, Industrial Sector, and Governmental Sectors, in Afghanistan.
We continued aggressively to expand our business, management and technical skills.

We Provide Integrated Business Solutions

Why Lead Ability Group

Our expertise with hands-on and experience in business domain enables us to better understanding of Our customer requirements and needs:

✔ We are a team of highly qualified professionals in Afghanistan.
✔ We are committed to honesty & integrity, quality and who have delivered best results over the years.
✔ We achieve for you the ideal combination of theory and practice.
✔ We are totally customer-oriented and work by setting clear goals.
✔ We work through teams (internally and externally) and get involved partially in implementations.

Meet Our Team


    “Lead Ability Group will dedicate to Agility with is customers visions; Adapting to their challenges; and Aligning with their dreams.”


    “ Assist and support clients and customers inside Afghanistan to build more brightening futures by providing them with integrated business solutions that are supported by logistic, consulting and E-commerce.”


    ► Agile
    ► Adaptable
    ► Aligned


    Our success in achieving customer's objectives, results partly from the approach methodology we follow.


    ► Quality and customer satisfaction
    ► Ethical business practices
    ► Knowledge transfer
    ► Entrepreneurial
    ► Employee ownership

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